Lesbian dating in san

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Lesbian dating in san

That’s partially why Her pushed its social network into the real world last year with a series of in-person events, where like-minded queer women can meet face-to-face.The events have since taken off in 21 cities, including San Francisco.Flash forward– she’s now one of our regular writers. There are some women who are a lot more feminine and some women who are more androgynous — but what if you fall somewhere in the middle? How come a girl’s gotta get herself all the way to Oakland to get a sense of community now?

more(l-r) Chloe Rainwater and friend Dom De Guzman chat with each other while giving an interview in San Francisco, California, on Monday, Feb. Chloe and Dom, who have known each other since high school and dated on and off throughout the years, reconnected recently through a lesbian dating app called Her.When she went, she ran into an old friend, Chloe Rainwater, whom she had dated more than a decade ago.Rainwater, who is going through a divorce, has since become a fixture in De Guzman’s life, dragging her to brunch and outings with her group of queer, tech-adverse friends. “I think apps are good when you’re sitting at home and you don’t want to go out, but ... Some have said Tinder is the closest thing to a Grindr for straight people.But there has never been a successful equivalent for lesbians.

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As the company grew, Exton said, she saw firsthand why so many lesbian-centric dating apps and websites seem to fail: There’s very little outside funding or other support for such sites.